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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sometimes the obstacles bring blessings

I had an interesting experience in a cafe yesterday. having ordered a coffee and standing at the front of the queue I realised to my horror as the lady handed me my Americano that I had no money with me. Rather apologetically I was mentally preparing myself for a hasty and hopefully understated retreat to keep my dignity intact! I smiled and hesitantly said "I'm really sorry but I have forgotten my money. Would it be OK if I paid next time?"  As I asked the question there was something about the lady that struck me, a recognition, but then I meet many people in my work so maybe she was just a familiar face.
She fetched a pen and paper to make a note of my name and number. As I gave my name she looked up at me and said "I know you". And there in a few moments conversation the economic scales fell from our eyes as we realised we knew each other in a former life and in another place: how we had both changed! I had bought coffee from her many times over the last year and here in the day when I was embarrassed and asking a favour a moment of awkwardness rekindled a connection from long ago. This experience was a  beautiful icon of humanity. A powerful reminder to me that the obstactles in our life often make us stop and take note and this particular obstacle was a great blessing indeed...