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Sunday, October 17, 2010

meaning close to home: the children...

the twins instinctively holding hands when they were back together for the first time since they were born prematurely.
I rejoice in each of my children. They are 5 in number and are aged almost 12, almost 10, 4 and identical twins about to be 3 this coming week. They are a lively bunch and keep us busy every day.  If I'm honest it is a daily struggle to keep calm as you can literally be pulled in five directions at once. Each of the children has their own unique personality and gifts and each of them brings us so much joy and delight. Equally each of them has their challenges which we navigate on a daily basis. It is easy to get frustrated with the sheer commitment and at times we loose patience. Yet, in a hospital environment things take on a new perspective. This came home to me a few days ago when I was spending time with a lady whose pregnancy did not survive and she asked me about my children. Normally I would steer the conversation away from me but in this case the person in question seemed to know that I was a parent. "What ages are they?" she asked.  At one level I almost felt guilty speaking about my 5 children when she desperately wanted to have even 1. It seems so unfair. Yet, being honest I sometimes take for granted the miracle that each of them is to us. And that's what they are: a miracle, an extraordinary gift to us. May I never forget it.

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