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Monday, February 18, 2013

Lent 2013: Finding life and God in the wilderness of illness...

This Lent the beautiful Chapel of Christ the Healer at Cork University Hospital is a space to reflect on the wilderness of illness. All too often we take our health for granted until a symptom or accident throws a stumbling block on our path.

Each week in Lent there will be a different focus and invitation to reflect on our health and wellbeing as a lenten discipline and an exploration of illness in a hospital context. A different image of the human body will feature week by week to provoke thoughts and reflection.

This first week the image is of a healthy male torso. A reminder that even though things can look well on the outside that this is not always the case. Visitors to the Chapel are invited to reflect on the things that distract you from what is really important in life. What can you let go of?

In addition, visitors are invited to write the names of those they would like to be included in the prayers at the Sunday eucharist on the prayer notice on the altar.

Dear Lord, 
as you entered the wilderness for 40 days, 
give me the strength to let go of the things that clutter up my life 
so that I can find true health and life. Amen

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